No meat? No problem! Thanksgiving feasts can be just as delicious and satisfying with dishes that do not include the traditional turkey and mashed potatoes. So whether one of your special guests is a vegetarian or vegan or you simply want to add some new, healthier side dishes to your Thanksgiving menu, make room for these delicious and beautiful meat-free recipes. Your guests are sure to gobble them up!

Wild Rice-Stuffed Pumpkin

This amazing recipe is as beautiful as it is delicious. It can also serve as the centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table. Why? Because it is prepared and baked inside a pumpkin. The recipe is full of healthy and savory ingredients including rice, beans, pecans, mushrooms, spinach, corn, garlic, and a special blend of spices. Wild rice-stuffed pumpkin will sure to please everyone at your holiday table and become a new Thanksgiving tradition.

Vegan Scalloped Potatoes

This rich, creamy side dish does not use any dairy will surprise anyone who loves butter and cream in their scalloped potatoes. Silken tofu and almond milk replaces the dairy and are the super-secret ingredients that add decadent creaminess to the dish. New potatoes, browned onions, sliced almonds, and a combination of herbs and spices combine to create one of the tastiest and most satisfying Thanksgiving side dishes of the year.

Vegan Pumpkin Pie

How sweet it is… and there is no butter, eggs or dairy in this pumpkin pie recipe. Tofu, coconut oil, and some other tasty ingredients take the place of traditional dairy resulting in a dessert that will satisfy the most difficult food critics. As a matter of fact, they’ll probably ask for seconds.

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