Add some creativity to your holiday decor by trying some clever alternatives to traditional Christmas trees. Trying something new will delightfully add personality to your holiday season. Here are three clever ideas that everyone from Santa to the Grinch will absolutely love!

Merry Terracotta Pots Tree

This is perfect for the gardener inside you. Gather three to five terracotta pots. Turning them upside down, stack on top of each other, the largest on the bottom, the smallest on top. Use a decorative cake stand as a base. Paint ornaments directly onto the pots or glue on ornaments, holiday cards or photos. Wrap colorful ribbon around the tree as garland. The tree topper can be a big beautiful bow. Display on an accent cabinet in front of a beautiful mirror so you can enjoy all sides of this whimsical tree. 

Chalkboard Christmas Tree

We adore this tree idea because it is a no muss, no fuss decoration as well as a conversation starter. Find an old door or a large piece of wood that can be leaned onto a wall. Paint it with black chalkboard paint and let dry. Using white chalk or colorful chalk markers available at craft stores, draw a pine tree onto the board. Draw ornaments, garland, and a tree topper. Above the tree, write, “Happy Holidays,” Merry Christmas,” or other seasonal sentiments. Drape string lights from the top to the bottom of the door. After the holidays, use the door to celebrate other occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Tomato Cage Tree

This twist on a Christmas tree lends a vintage, rustic twist to the season. Decorate a metal tomato cage with silver ball ornaments, burlap ribbon, and top with a bright red star. Wrap the cage with mini white lights and use it as an eye-catching dining room centerpiece. 

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