Buying a new home is a very exciting life event for many people. But it also comes with a lot of expenses. Many new homeowners don’t have the extra funds to decorate after paying for a down payment, closing costs, and other home-buying fees. Thankfully, the holiday gift-giving season is upon us! If someone you know is a new homeowner in 2019, we’ve got a few great ideas for holiday gift ideas to share with you.

Kitchen Accessories

The kitchen is often the most used area in a home and it’s where a majority of party hosting happens. If your new homeowners enjoy a good meal and like having friends and family over, consider gifting kitchen accessories this holiday season. You can set them up with a serving tray, magnetic knife holder, Dutch oven, make your own sushi kit, or personalized recipe box. You may even wish to share a few favorite recipes or hosting tips.

Wall Art

Hanging things on the wall is what really turns a house into a home. Help your new homeowners complete their home decor look with picture frames, mirrors, a custom painting, or a wreath. You may even want to choose shelving, key hooks, or mail organizers to help them get started on the right foot as they get used to their new space.

Home Textiles

Especially during winter, home textiles are the easiest way to warm up a bedroom or living room. Consider purchasing flannel sheet sets, throw blankets, accent pillows, or rugs to add some luxury and warmth to their new home.

Happy Holidays from Mealey’s Furniture!

There’s nothing like a new home for the holidays and wonderful family and friends to share it with. We hope these ideas inspire your holiday gift-giving for the new homeowners in your life!