The fireplace is the focal point in any home, especially throughout the holiday season. Stockings are hung by the chimney with care, a glowing fire warms your heart and home and it’s the perfect spot to gather. Here are some easy ideas to decorate your fireplace for the holidays.

Line with Candles

A mantle is a wonderful spot to create a candle collection. Line the entire mantle with different sizes of candles and candle holders. Mix pillars, tapers, and votive candles together for a magnificent holiday display. Select a monochromatic color scheme, like all winter white, or all gold, or be more traditional and select red and green or silver and gold. Weave coordinating ribbon and greenery throughout your display.


If your fireplace doesn’t work, fill the hearth with a vintage picture frame collection. Display the largest one in the center and lean smaller ones around it. Hang old-fashioned, vintage-inspired ornaments from ribbons to create a picture-perfect holiday masterpiece. 

Delight with Sleighs

Sleighs and the holidays go hand in hand so create a delightful sleigh display on and by your fireplace. Cover the mantle with your favorite garland and either showcase one sleigh in the center and maintain a minimalist design or fill the mantle and the hearth with a collection of different sleighs for a holiday spectacle. 

Holiday Messages

Surround the fireplace with your holiday cards. Mix it up with some from past years and from this year so everyone can enjoy them throughout the entire season. Hang them by ribbons from the mantle, frame your favorites and fill a basket with others.  Display by the fireplace for a colorful, wonderful sentimental tradition.

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