The best deals of the year are just around the corner. Thanks to Black Friday, getting new items for around the house and purchasing gifts for the holiday season is more affordable. Whether you are shopping for your home or getting a head start on your holiday shopping, here are five tips to help you find the best Black Friday deals. 

Start Earlier Than You Think is Necessary

Black Friday deals from most major retailers come out at least a week – if not more – before Black Friday. If you wait until Wednesday or Thursday, you may have missed out on early bird pricing for those who want to avoid the lines on Black Friday. 

Do Your Homework

Sift through online ads, print ads, and social media posts. If you find a home decor item priced lower on one ad than another, be sure to save it so you can provide the price when you arrive to buy the item. 

Loyalty Programs Are Beneficial

Check to see if your loyalty program offers member-only benefits, like special financing on furniture or early access to clothing deals. 

Compare Pricing Before Buying

Some stores may offer better pricing than your favorite retailer. Compare all available retailers to see where you can get the best deal for your home items, technology, and other gifts. 

Create a Family/Friend Shopping Team

Divvy up various categories of items, like furniture, technology, and clothing, among a small group. Each person is responsible for focusing solely on those categories, which makes finding the best deals even easier since you will not be stretched in every direction on Black Friday. 

As the most famous shopping holiday of all, you can expect to find great deals this Black Friday. Be sure to start planning which deals you want early and create an itinerary so you can get to every furniture store and retailer you need to on Black Friday.