Veterans Day is a day when we honor the efforts of those who have served in the United States military.  Whether or not one ever served on foreign soil or experienced war, veterans and their families experience long separations and the uncertainty that military life brings.  Here are five projects that you can do with your kids to help them remember those who serve their country on Veterans Day. 

Interview a Veteran

Help the experiences of veterans live on. Take your kids to a VFW post and help them interview a veteran. Compile a list of interview-style questions to ask the veteran. Practice with your child ahead of time and use a voice recorder to record the interview. Later on, you can transcribe the interviews and create a booklet for your child to help them remember this connection with a Veteran. Add to the booklet each year on Veterans Day. If your kids really get into this, they may want to help with the Library of Congress Veterans History Project.

Make “Thank You for Your Service” Notes

Create homemade thank you notes with your kids and take them by a Veterans Administration Hospital. Some hospitals may allow you and your kids to hand-deliver the thank you notes.

Decorate Headstones at a Veterans Cemetery

On Veterans Day, many community organizations decorate the graves of military veterans with flags and flowers. Go with your kids to the store to pick out these items and help with this project.

Learn About Proper Flag Etiquette

While flag etiquette used to be routinely taught to children in scouting organizations, many kids are not aware of these rules. Buy a flag for your home, mount a flag pole on the front porch, and learn about flag etiquette with your kids. Kids love things like this and will enjoy having a flag on the porch on patriotic holidays.

Help the Family of a Veteran

Is there a family in your neighborhood with a deployed service member? Support them in tangible ways while they share their loved one with the United States. Prepare meals, offer childcare in emergencies, help with car or home maintenance, or prepare a meal on a regular basis. Remember that they need help throughout the deployment and may be too shy to ask. You and your kids can check in regularly to make sure that everything is cared for during the deployment. 

Mealey’s Furniture is a proud supporter of our veterans and their families. Take some time this Veterans Day weekend to honor them for their service.