Lamps can add some much needed brightness to rooms that don’t get a lot of light during the day while also giving you plenty of light inside at night. Although lamps have a practical function, they also give you a great way to spruce up your home. Keep the following tips in mind for finding the right lamp for your home. 

Determine the Lamp Location

Where do you plan on putting your lamp? Figuring out where it should go helps you determine what kind of lamp to get in terms of size and style. You can place a table lamp on a bedside table or end table, or put a floor lamp next to your sofa or in an area that doesn’t get much light. When you know where you want your lamp to go, you can start looking into different styles that are available. 

Choose the Right Height

Choose a lamp that offers the right amount of light you need for that part of the room. If you’re getting a table lamp, choose one that isn’t too high so that you won’t get any glare from the bulb. The exact height you’ll need for a table lamp depends on the height of the table or surface you put it on and the height of the chair, sofa or bed next to it. 

Match the Style of the Room

When you’re choosing a lamp style, look for one that complements the tone of the room it’s going in. For example, choose an elegant, formal table lamp for a living room that has a classic style. Choose a more casual lamp for a room that has a contemporary style or a whimsical lamp for a room with a more eclectic or vintage style.

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