If certain areas of your home feel tight or cramped, mirrors are a cost-effective way to make your space feel larger. You don’t need to turn to a contractor and have walls torn down to maximize the floor plan in your home. Strategically placing mirrors creates an optical illusion that tricks the eye into seeing a larger space in your home. 

Place Mirrors at the End of Hallways

One of the oldest tricks in the book is placing a mirror at the end of a hallway. This makes the hallway look longer and wider while you are walking toward the end, which is typically the most cramped part of the house. By placing the Desma Accent Mirror at eye level, your guests won’t even notice if your hallway is short or narrow. They will only notice this beautiful piece and how large the hallway appears behind them. Better still, this mirror adds a bit of chic and glamour into an otherwise dull part of your home. 

Add Large Mirrors Opposite to the Doorway

Regardless if it’s your front door, master bedroom, or other room that appears cramped when you walk in, place a large mirror opposite of the door to fix the problem. Using a horizontal mirror provides the best results. The Intrigue Dresser & Mirror does an exceptional job of breathing new life into small bedrooms. Simply place the nine drawer dresser and mirror across the door and notice how much bigger the room appears to be instantly. 

Angle Floor Mirrors Toward Windows

If a room in your house has oddly angled walls or is just too small in general, consider angling a floor mirror toward the window. This allows additional light to fill the room, which helps make the room feel bigger. Dark rooms almost always feel more cramped. The mirror also draws attention off the size of the room and toward the window.

Your home can feel large and wonderful with a few mirrors placed in the right places at the correct angle. Forget calling a contractor and visit Mealey’s Furniture today to speak with one of our friendly associates about the mirrors in our showroom!