Just as classic color combinations such as orange and black or red and green are inextricably linked to Halloween and Christmas, the color trio of red, white, and blue evokes the spirit of the Fourth of July. While it can be tricky to strike a balance when decorating with these patriotic colors it is possible to decorate with this palette in a way that feels bright and fresh all year long. Whether your aesthetic is whimsical or sophisticated, get inspired by the following red, white, and blue furniture possibilities that will take you from Memorial Day to your festive July celebration and all year long. 

Make a Statement with Red 

Red is a striking color that commands attention. What better way to center your living room than a bright firecracker-red two-piece sectional sofa chaise? Perfect for entertaining, relaxing, watching TV, or napping, a red sofa will draw the eye and welcome friends and family. With such a large swath of salsa brightness, it’s best to let it be the only main splash of color.  

Crisp White 

Whether your style is traditional farmhouse, mid-century modern, or Tuscan-inspired, it’s hard to go wrong with white in the dining room. A classic wood-topped white table looks clean and sharp and can be dressed up or toned down for casual get-togethers. For an unexpected décor direction, ditch the sideboard and opt for a white and pine cabinet with a wine rack. 

Bring a Pop of Blue 

If you have a fairly neutral color palette, bringing in a push of color can help provide visual interest without taking over. For example, if you have a buff-colored sectional and blonde side and coffee tables, adding a punch of color with a bright blue ottoman to kick your heels on or rest your coffee cup can make your monochromatic aesthetic seem more fun, funky, and functional.  

Decorating with red, white, and blue furniture certainly makes it easier to get in the holiday spirit when the Fourth of July rolls around, but artfully used, the iconic colors will brighten your home throughout the year.