Being a dad can be tough, especially if you’re living in a small apartment or home with young kids. Choosing the right furniture can make your job easier. By selecting pieces that are comfortable and durable, you can improve the quality of life at your house while reducing the time you spend maintaining your furniture.

Smart Storage Options

Kids are constantly leaving toys around the house. The more storage solutions you provide during clean up time, the better. Look for furniture that does double duty by providing hidden storage. A bed with drawers under the mattress, for example, gives you a place to store toys and books at the end of the day.

In the living room, use a storage bench for hiding movies and games, to prevent the room from becoming cluttered. In the dining room, put extra silverware in your dining room table drawers, to free up space in your kitchen drawers.  

Dark Colors, Easy to Clean

Kids get stains on everything, and unless you’re hanging around them all the time to clean up their messes, you may find it hard to keep your home clean. Dark colors hide stains. Look for pieces of furniture in easy to clean materials like leather.

Keep It Comfy

Use decor like throw pillows and blankets to keep your home a comfortable place to spend time. Giving your kids something to cuddle up against at night can make your house a fun after school hang out, where your children can be safe and out of trouble.

Make your home the place to be; the decor and furniture you choose for your house can make all the difference. Shop for the right pieces at a furniture store that has what you need. At Mealey’s, we sell products that help make your home comfortable and attractive. Check out our online store today.