Summer is here, and things are really starting to heat up. But, there is no need to sweat it! Before switching on the AC, check out these three decorating tips that will actually help you to stay cool. 

Consider Where You Are Putting Your Feet

Believe it or not, the flooring you have can make a difference in your home’s temperature. Rugs, especially synthetic ones, can add unnecessary insulation during the warmer months. Tile and wood floors can help keep a room at a more comfortable temperature. If you insist on installing wall-to-wall carpeting in a room, select one made from natural fibers such as cotton or even wool, especially if the room has southern exposure.

Give Your Windows The Right Treatment

Window treatments look not only good and add more privacy to your home, but they also can keep you cooler. While your first instinct may be to open your windows during the day to let out the heat, this approach can raise the interior temperature. A much more effective method is to keep your window closed and covered during the heat of the day, and open them at night to allow cooling breezes to enter. 

Keep Your Head Up

You may be adding extra degrees to your home by merely switching on the lights. Look up. Are you using older incandescent bulbs? Then you are wasting money on electricity and your cooling bill. Toss them out immediately and install cooler and more energy efficient LED bulbs. Don’t forget a ceiling fan is a great yet underutilized way to cool off. Installing a classic wood and rattan ceiling fan gives your home a bit of old-world charm. 

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