Mirrors add brightness and depth to a room. They can be your secret weapon to make the most of a small or unusual space. Here are our top four tips to combat claustrophobia with mirror magic:

Simulate a Window

Rooms with no windows or few windows feel dark and stuffy. Dress them up with a mirror designed to mimic a window. A paned-framed mirror like the Divakar Antique White Accent Mirror works great. The effect can also be achieved by many small square mirrors affixed in a grid.

Position your faux-window adjacent to or across from real windows to reflect extra light.

Experiment with Dimensions

Think about the size and shape of the room. Tall, slender mirrors direct the eye upward and make even low ceilings soar. By contrast, narrow walls benefit from the stretching effect of wide horizontal mirrors.

Gigantic mirrors effortlessly make a room look twice as big. If this isn’t in your budget, try covering a wall with smaller mirrors, like the affordable Doniel Accent Mirror Set available in multiple sizes. Mix and match smaller accent mirrors to create a unique look and reflect light in different directions.

Get Creative in your Tighter Spaces

Hallways tend to be cramped and dark. Adding several mirrors like the Dustin Accent Mirror can reflect light from brighter rooms and cheer it up considerably. Switching out normal pieces with mirrored ones, like the Juan Wall Clock, can bring reflective surfaces into unexpected places.

The kitchen is the smallest room in many homes. Consider installing a mirror as your backsplash, both to brighten it up and to keep an eye on activities in the home behind you. Mirrors can also be incorporated into the front of cabinetry, or with accessories like the Cityscapes Curio China Cabinet.

Clever use of mirrors can make even tight spaces feel roomy. Check out our website for even more expansive decor concepts.