Getting your kids away from the screens and in front of their textbooks is challenging enough. Creating the optimal home environment for kids to do homework is a completely different challenge. Even if your kids are willing to set aside their time and attention to focus on homework, the effort will be somewhat in vain unless they are provided with the right learning environment. Let’s take a look at a few tips that will help parents create the perfect home environment for their little ones to do homework.

Kids Need Desks at School and at Home

It is a mistake to assume your dining room table will suffice for a homework area. Your child needs and deserves a sizable desk with ample space for books, paper, binders, folders, etc. Provide your child with a desk designated for homework and he or she is almost certain to get that much more homework done. Otherwise, your little one will have to search for enough flat space where he or she can write and read with a semblance of comfort. Most kids faced with such a predicament give up on their attempt to complete homework while those provided with a spacious desk are inclined to gravitate toward academic challenges outside of the classroom.

Remove the TV!

If you were to poll today’s professionals who earn good money, the vast majority would testify their parents did not let them have a TV on while doing homework. In fact, it is even a mistake to let your child have a TV in his or her room, regardless of whether this is the space designated for homework. Kids need a distraction-free space to think deeply while completing homework. If a TV, radio, or other source of noise is in the background, it will pull your child’s attention away from his or her academics. Remove the TV and you will likely notice a meaningful uptick in your child’s grades. 

Comfortable Furniture

The chair your child sits on matters a great deal in the context of academic success. If you provide your child with an old uncomfortable wood chair that creaks or another cramped or hard chair, it will not prove conducive to learning. Alternatively, kids provided with a comfy office chairsofa, or custom furniture are that much more inclined to spend the time necessary to complete their homework in full and on time.

The Right Learning Environment Makes a World of a Difference

Once your kids have the perfect space to do their homework, they might actually look forward to digging their noses in books instead of laptops and handheld video games. Mealey’s Furniture has the perfect furniture for your child’s homework area, bedroom, and other parts of your home. We are proud to have served those who live and work in the greater Philadelphia/Trenton area for more than 60 years.