Halloween can seem like an expensive holiday since many of the decorations aren’t always suitable for year-round decorations. However, decorations don’t have to break the bank! We’ve compiled three spooky, festive decorations that are easy and affordable to create. 

It Smells Like Halloween

Candles are an easy way to accomplish two goals in your house: 1) fresh, clean smells and 2) appropriate decorations. You can complete this simple DIY Halloween candle project with any size candle. Your local dollar store likely has an abundance of tall candles, but you can use your better-smelling ones from your favorite store if you prefer. Simply stamp on a decal, and you have a Halloween decoration that serves a purpose in your home besides creating a spooky vibe! 

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Your local hardware store and help you create a creepy – yet fun – Halloween decoration that will last for years to come. Grab some matte white paint and a cheap mirror. Check local garage sales in your area or use a mirror you haven’t looked at in years. Cut out some newspapers to spell out words like creepy, spooky, who’s there, beware and other phrases. Lay them on the mirror and spray the matte paint. Once it dries, remove the letters and you have a new Halloween decoration. 

Tastes Good To Me!

Go ahead and dig into your Halloween candy early; just make sure you save the wrapped. If you want a no-carve pumpkin, use the candy wrappers to decorate it! It’s faster, easier, and tastier than carving! You can use the same brand or go all out with a variety of different candy. 

You can make these decorations on your own or bring in the kids. Have fun spending an afternoon turning your house into a Halloween paradise.