Every child loves Halloween. Hitting the streets amid the ghosts, witches, and superheroes in search of sugary loot, a kid may be game for a good scare. Parents have a whole different set of fears. Night spooks like injury, crime, or disappearance may have them trembling to kibosh the fun in favor of safety.

Calm your bones. With a little common sense, Halloween ghoulery can still take place safely. Mealey’s Furniture is here to help with four trick-or-treating safety tips for a happy Halloween:

Bright Ideas

Vampire black never goes out of style, but trick-or-treating isn’t the place for it. Choose brightly-colored, fire-resistant costumes to make your kids easy to see in the dark. Augment their visibility with glow sticks and reflective tape on their costumes and treat totes. Supply flashlights. This will make them harder to lose in a crowd, less likely to become lost themselves, and more visible to motorists.

Strength in Numbers

Trick-or-treating is more fun with friends anyway. Steer the event towards a group outing, the more the merrier. More kids in the party may mean more chaperones. Smaller children should always be accompanied by an adult. Older kids may have earned autonomy, but enforce the buddy system and stress the importance of not splitting up.

Houses to Haunt

Not every house needs a knock on its door and a chant of “Trick or Treat.” Encourage the team to target well-lit houses decorated with Jack-o-Lanterns, cobwebs, plastic graveyards, and other “festive” festoonery. Those houses give better treats anyway. Make it clear that they must stay on the lit front porch, and never accept an invitation into a stranger’s house.

Troublesome Treats

Only accept factory-wrapped treats. Homemade or unwrapped confections are off-limits, especially from strangers. 

Looking forward to a happy Halloween? Stop by Mealey’s Furniture or visit our website for more witchy tips and great deals on chic furniture.