It’s the time of year to freshen up your space, lighten up the wardrobe, and open up the windows to let in that fresh air. It doesn’t take much effort or money to bring spring into your home. There is one thing that not only gives visual impact, but is a joy to your nose as well – flowers.

Flowers can add color to any room setting whether matching, contrasting or complimenting the scheme you already have. It can set a tone to any occasion; birthdays, holidays, or just everyday moments. The arrangements, colors, styles, and fragrance are limitless.

The choice of flower, vessel, and embellishments can create naturalistic decor to improve the look and tone of any room. Once you consider the occasion and the colors that fit the theme of your space, it’s easy to add to new decor no matter your budget.

Whatever you decide, have fun with it and remember to care for them with three simple steps:

Change the water regularly

One of the things that cause cut flowers to wilt so quickly is the bacteria in the water. The most basic thing you can do to preserve cut flowers is to change the water once a day. Use lukewarm water.

Treat the water

You can also treat the water to inhibit bacterial growth. Two tablespoons of sugar, apple cider vinegar, or even a penny at the bottom of the vase can keep your flowers looking fresh for longer.

Take care of the stems

Different types of flowers have different types of stems, and different types of stems require different treatments in order to keep your flowers looking fresh. The most basic way to treat the stems is to trim the ends a small amount each day when you change the water and cut them at a 45 degree angle but you may also want to.