They say less is more. It’s especially true when decorating a small living space. The key to making a small space seem bigger isn’t to add more decorations, but adding just the right elements to your design.

For example, add mirrors at each end of a narrow space to reflect light coming in to give the illusion of a larger space.

Lighter colors make the space feel more airy. If you are thinking about adding art, be very particular, as patterns can make the space feel smaller than it is.

Space can also be broken down by creating 2-3 seating areas within the room. A multi-purpose table to be used as dining, reading or gaming table. Placing a few chairs around a smaller end table or nesting tables make a nice casual seating area, which works well to open up the space in lieu of a larger coffee table. Storing items in baskets under tables or a sofa can serve for easy access and to keep clutter at bay.

The ultimate goal is to make your space feel less cramped, but why not make the space stylish while you’re at it?