Most rentals don’t allow altering the walls in anyway, other than to hang pictures. However, there are still ways to create an individual style of your space.


Start by deciding what you’d like to do with the walls! Companies like Tempaper make removable wallpaper, perfect for any rental. You can create a design that matches the style you’re looking to create and easily take it down once you’re ready to move. This temporary wallpaper comes in a vast array of designs to accommodate all tastes.


Next on the list should be dressing the windows with a bold color or pattern of your choice. You can then start to pull colors for the rest of the room from them.

If you tend to be a creative person, perhaps you’d like to create your own curtains? For example, use burlap in lieu of a more traditional material to create a more rustic feel or turn a giant canvas into a “curtain wall” after painting on it.

Your main sofa and loveseat can be a neutral color, so that you can change pillow or throw colors to update your look. Slip covered sofas are a great way to change things up as well.

Rugs and Lights

Rugs help to anchor the room and create a warm and inviting space, without a lot of effort. They’re also easy to change and bring different thematic elements to play in your room of choice.

Swapping out old, outdated light fixtures is another great way to transform your rental into your own. Make sure to keep the old ones in safe storage in case you need to put them back when you move out.